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About Scott

Scott is an authority on luxury retail innovation and the rising need for technologies that match the level of customer experience that luxury customers expect.

During his sixteen-year tenure at Neiman Marcus, he built the Innovation Lab and helped advance technological integrations for the company, including being the champion and overseer of the implementation of INSIDE by Powerfront to serve the customer service needs of all brands within the Neiman Marcus Group. He also spent time at the Current Global, an internationally recognized innovation consulting group. At both companies, he was able to use his extensive background in Information Technology in a creative way to produce a more immersive retail experience, both online and off. 

Scott is renowned throughout the retail world for his visionary outlook on the future of retail, and his wealth of knowledge and research in omni channel software and technology. His expertise in innovation and CX creates a fitting role for him with Powerfront. Scott understands the value of a real-time, personalized retailing platform that mirrors in-store luxury-level customer service online. Scott’s motivation to help make magic for customers translates perfectly to Powerfront’s core mission.

When he isn’t developing innovative technologies or giving keynote speeches at international conferences, Scott loves to travel the world with his wife, or spend time working on his farm at his home in Texas which he lovingly refers to as the Innovation Ranch.

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